Provide all linguistic services and information from translation terms and symbols and models, etc. In all areas. Opening new horizons towards a strategic plan for scientific translation and arabization.
The main source of the translation database of books in the Kingdom, and adopts a precision in statistics and information by continuous documentation.


Language has been the repository of scientific intellectual production for humanity throughout history. The role of translation and the importance of learning its techniques of knowledge transfer and science have been recognized. However, in the era of globalization and the digital revolution, it will be a prerequisite for the development of all that serves sustainable development, and constructive communication between the people of the homeland and the peoples of the world

In the light of these facts, it is not possible to build a civilization in the hands of others, but with the sons of the fatherland, we build a country of knowledge. Undoubtedly, we share the other common denominators, we recognize it, we know its knowledge, we transfer knowledge, we use technology, we cultivate it and develop it with a local identity. We build, contribute to human knowledge and are not affected. The expansion of international relations between trade and cultural and other countries, not to mention the enormous development of science and technology and the accumulation of information due to translation as an important means of scientific and technological exchange. intellectual among the peoples
Every year, the world publishes more than 100,000 books translated, accounting for more than 12% of the annual publications worldwide. However, the share of the Arabic book in books translated annually is only 330 (according to the Arab Human Development Report 2003). Is the Arab human development report on the reality of Arabic translation true? What is the share of the translation of Saudi Arabia?
The Saudi Observatory seeks to answer the question, to be a documented database, to follow the translation process in the Kingdom and to provide a reliable reference for researchers and learners, thus facilitating the identification of strengths and weaknesses and work on their jobs in building the country's knowledge. I hope that this site contains all the desired benefits, and I am pleased to receive your comments and opinions and credit you. God is for good and peace ,,,,